Loans for school books: how much do Italians spend?


Loans for school books: how much do Italians spend?

Loans for school books: how much do Italians spend?

Italians poorly informed regarding deductions for their children’s school expenses. Criticism at

To highlight this trend we thought the last Observatory curated by Findomestic, an important company specialized in consumer credit, which investigated how the families of our peninsula manage their finances when it comes to education.

In order to cope with these costs, many proceed with the request for specific funding: among these, the provision of loans for school books has experienced a great boom in recent months, demonstrating how this is considered a heavy issue for many families. However, it does not seem to be just money, but information as well; in fact, according to what the Observatory has announced, almost one out of two respondents does not know that they can access a series of reductions for school expenses, while 8%, although they know this possibility, nevertheless choose not to take advantage of this option. Not only that, in the last few years there are also many companies that have set up welfare initiatives aimed at helping employees concretely in school expenses; an opportunity of which, however, only 17% of respondents take advantage, against a 46% who would like to do it but the employer has not yet foreseen this type of possibility.

How much do our compatriots expect to spend for this academic year? In principle, at least 6.5% less than what had happened last year. The most substantial sums are to be reserved for books and dictionaries which represent 65% of the outgoings of families with children of school age; immediately after we find the stationery accessories followed by transport. It is in the North West that the Findomestic Observatory highlighted the highest expenditure, which is on average around 698 euros, against the 540 registered in the insular and southern Italy.

Loan estimate of 10000 euros

Loan estimate of 10000 euros


Financial: Simple Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 4.44%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.117

Monthly installment € 185, 28 Feasibility check 

Financial: Mago
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 5.16%
APR: 6.70%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10.146
Total due: € 11.735

Monthly installment € 193, 19 Feasibility check 

Financial: Sindomestic
Product: “Your Projects” Credit
TAN Fixed: 6.01%
APR: 6.18%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.602


Compare Current Accounts and Deposit Accounts – The Safe Return


We hear about it more and more recently, and there is a reason: the poor economic health conditions of the “Italian System” mean that more and more people want to put their savings away from financial storms, which is why the expression “deposit account” has become part of everyday talk.

What are deposit accounts

Current accounts, support accounts, deposit accounts … There is a risk of confusion. In reality it is simpler than one might think:

The current account is the common bank account that arises from the relationship between the credit institution and the client: the first guarantees the second that it will “keep” its money, allowing in exchange some operations such as withdrawal, deposit, crediting of salary, instruction of a transfer and so Street. In exchange for this “concession” to keep the client’s money, the bank will guarantee a periodic interest rate and some services or gifts.

The deposit account represents a particular type of cash custody, for the terms of which the customer agrees not to touch the sum deposited for a certain period of time (in this case we speak of “restricted deposit account”) or we are free to use it at any time (“free deposit account”). The only transactions allowed in a deposit account are withdrawals and deposits. Where’s the advantage, then? In the fact that the banks grant extremely higher interest rates for a deposit account.

The support account is nothing more than the common current account if a deposit account is opened. In fact the deposit account can be turned on only in the presence of an ordinary current account (also in another bank). This rule prevents wild speculation, serves to educate customers less in-depth about financial transactions that otherwise would think they could open deposit accounts left and right and finally guarantee an economic return to the bank itself.

How the deposit account works

How the deposit account works

While in the case of the traditional current account this serves daily and living expenses such as bills, mortgage payment and so on, the deposit account can be agreed when you want to make a small sum of money that otherwise would remain firm on your CC.

The sum can also be medium, or large: but in the case of important “hoardings” it goes without saying that a financial consultant can direct his client towards other types of investments, such as the purchase of real estate.

In the case of deposit accounts, the bank manages the amount entrusted to it by investing it to return it. The result is higher interest rates than a normal account: we are halfway between pure savings and stock exchange (to simplify).

Are there risks?

Are there risks?

No investment transaction (because of this) is unforeseen, the most serious of which could be the bank failure with which a deposit account has been opened. In reality, however, Italian current account holders are protected by an EU directive, the 2009/14 / EC which created the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund: if your investments (in a normal bank account or deposit) do not exceed 100,000 euros, in case of bankruptcy you will be fully reimbursed. It is the law.

How to recognize a good deposit account

The first piece of advice for recognizing an optimal deposit account is to do just what is most unwelcome to many consumers: read the terms thoroughly before signing a contract. This is because the banks do not hesitate to propose extremely generous terms to grab new customers

(this is also true for the common current accounts, moreover) except to specify that the conditions in question are valid only for the first year of operations (or other time interval chosen by the bank).

Another important parameter is the so-called “capitalization method”: this is the way in which the bank pays interest. Some do it at account opening, others only at regular intervals. Better the first: that money can be immediately reinvested.

The costs to be incurred are the third and fundamental parameter: the deposit accounts are an advantage also for the host bank, but many ask for a periodic sum (annual, monthly …) which can be much higher than the management costs of a CC normal.

In conclusion

Amount of expenses and conditions granted (interest rate applied, duration of the restriction in the event of a restricted deposit account …) are variables that change together with the market, or very frequently.

Impossible to indicate a deposit account that could be perfect today but very disadvantageous tomorrow: to help consumers, however, there are always up-to-date online comparators, who put these features black and white and assist in making a reasoned and informed choice.

Free Payday Loan – It’s Worth Knowing



For some time, payday loans have almost certainly stormed the financial market. There are a lot of reasons, but the most important are certainly that they are available without any major problems for everyone. A summary is on


What is a payday?

What is a payday?

The payday loans, as the name suggests, are loans that are granted for short periods of time. In addition, they are on the offer of companies that are not banks, and very often private companies for which it is a type of business. Most often, such loans are granted for periods of 15, 30 and sometimes 60 days. Different companies have their own rules, specifying the maximum period for which the loan agreement can be concluded. Very often it is also dependent on the amount of money the client wants to borrow – it happens that smaller amounts are only available for shorter periods, for example 14 or 15 days.


One can not count on very excessive sums, which will be obtained by customers who turn to loan companies. Each of them determines the maximum amount of the loan he can give to his clients. Usually, those who pay off one loan can count on the next for a slightly higher sum. However, the first loan is usually from several hundred zlotys to a maximum of 2 thousand. Of course, the higher the amount, the higher the interest rate on the loan, it is worth checking exactly what the total cost of the loan will be.


How can you get a break and who are they intended for?

How can you get a break and who are they intended for?

Although loan lending companies advertise their products as available to everyone, not everyone can get it. The vast majority of offers today is a loan via the Internet. Companies require the customer to register on their website, providing all required data. Most of them do not request a personal ID scan from the client, but they must perform a so-called verification transfer. The amount of such a transfer is not high, sometimes it is one penny or zloty. The condition, however, is the same in this situation – the transfer must be necessarily made from the client’s account, and the data must be identical to those given by the customer from the ID card. If the data is not consistent, you can forget about the positive consideration of the application. In addition, it is good to check if the company we are applying for with a loan request verifies clients in the debtors’ databases. Some companies do not check clients in any databases, but some do verify. The most popular debtors’ databases used by the companies are BIK, BIG and KRD. It happens that the company performs verification only in one of these databases, but it happens that they check clients in all. In addition, the requirement to document income by the client is also an important issue. Some companies providing payday loans do not ask for income, while others require a certificate or statement stating the details of the company in which the client is employed. Then one has to reckon with the fact that a phone call will be made to the employer to confirm the data contained in the statement. As you can see, not everyone will get a loan in this respect, although there is a widespread belief that everyone can use it. Such information as, for example, whether the company verifies income or in which databases are checked debtors, are most often found on the website available on the website and in the stationary regulations.


The costs of a weekend

The costs of a weekend

In the case of payday loans it happens that the total costs are extremely high. Admittedly, some time ago legal regulations were stipulated, prohibiting companies of this type of charging customers from grossly high interest rates on loans, however, apart from the interest rate itself, a lot of additional fees are added to the loan costs. These are insurance costs or, for example, currently quite popular surety costs. In addition, special attention should be paid to the costs associated with the possible recovery, because in such a situation, in most cases, each action, both the phone and the sending of the letter bear additional fees. It is worth to pay attention to all costs related to granting such a loan, and not only to the interest rate itself. Then you will avoid an unpleasant surprise in the form of a very large sum,


What does the term free loan mean?

At present, loan companies’ advertisements tempt with slogans such as free payday loans. However, it must be remembered that in companies of this type it concerns only the first obligation incurred by the client. The first loan for free can be additionally subject to various requirements. It sometimes happens that companies require additional confirmations, such as income confirmation or verify in debtors’ databases. In addition, many companies indicate that the first loan for free is a kind of promotion for new customers. Sometimes, the term “new client” means only those who have not had any contact with the company so far, for example they were not registered on the company’s website. In this situation, someone who made registration much earlier, but did not apply for a loan, can not take advantage of this promotion. Of course, each company has different conditions in this respect, in many the term “first loan” refers to the first application submitted by the client. All necessary information can be found in the terms and conditions of the promotion, which should be available to customers without problems, as well as on the website as well as at the point of sale if the company has one.


The payback period – can it be extended?

When deciding on the choice of a particular company providing loans for payday loans, you should check the possibilities associated with the so-called “extension of the repayment period”. While taking a loan, you must take into account the need to return money within the prescribed period, however, random situations may prevent you from making a payment. It is worth getting to know the possibilities thanks to which it will be possible to postpone the repayment in time without calculating criminal interest, which in the case of this type of companies is usually extremely high. Many companies allow you to postpone the loan repayment period, however under certain conditions. Most often, in order to be able to apply for the extension of the repayment period, it is necessary to repay the interest resulting from the concluded contract, and the extension of the repayment period concerns only the capital. In the case of free loans, there is no interest, therefore, many companies have introduced a fee for processing the application for an extension of repayment. It also happens that companies in a situation where the client wants to extend the promotional repayment period, free loans only agree on the condition of charging interest for the next repayment period. It is also necessary to carefully check the information on whether the company in this situation will not require additional data, such as confirmation of income or additional surety. Such information should be checked before making a decision to borrow. Although almost everyone declares that they will pay off their obligations within the prescribed period, it is worth protecting themselves against unexpected situations. when the client wants to extend the promotional repayment period, the free loan only agrees on the condition that interest is charged for the next repayment period. It is also necessary to carefully check the information on whether the company in this situation will not require additional data, such as confirmation of income or additional surety. Such information should be checked before making a decision to borrow. Although almost everyone declares that they will pay off their obligations within the prescribed period, it is worth protecting themselves against unexpected situations. when the client wants to extend the promotional repayment period, the free loan only agrees on the condition that interest is charged for the next repayment period. It is also necessary to carefully check the information on whether the company in this situation will not require additional data, such as confirmation of income or additional surety. Such information should be checked before making a decision to borrow. Although almost everyone declares that they will pay off their obligations within the prescribed period, it is worth protecting themselves against unexpected situations. It is also necessary to carefully check the information on whether the company in this situation will not require additional data, such as confirmation of income or additional surety. Such information should be checked before making a decision to borrow. Although almost everyone declares that they will pay off their obligations within the prescribed period, it is worth protecting themselves against unexpected situations. It is also necessary to carefully check the information on whether the company in this situation will not require additional data, such as confirmation of income or additional surety. Such information should be checked before making a decision to borrow. Although almost everyone declares that they will pay off their obligations within the prescribed period, it is worth protecting themselves against unexpected situations.


A payday loans can be a good salvation in an emergency. The short time that is needed to process the application and usually much less amount of necessary documents required from the client are certainly their advantages. However, offers must be selected reasonably. A good comparison is the basis, as is familiarizing with the terms of loans in individual companies. Especially when it comes to offers of free first loans, which are very tempting, it is worth checking all the details. You should not sign any documents without first reading them carefully and explaining any doubts. A carefully chosen payday loan, especially if it is possible to take advantage of the free first loan option, is often an ideal solution to temporary financial problems.

Debt crisis: how did Italy get there?



Since 1992, Italian debt is close to 120%, making it one of the heaviest in the world. A large part of the resources is thus absorbed in the repayment of interest on this debt, instead of being mobilized to revive growth.

After an austerity plan voted in mid-July, Silvio Berlusconi announced Wednesday an action plan to reassure markets. But the situation of the country arouses the nervousness of the investors.

After Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland, it is Italy’s turn to be in the crosshairs of the financial markets. As a result of this crisis of confidence, the Milan Stock Exchange has been wavering since the beginning of the week despite the announcement, Wednesday, August 3, of an “immediate action plan” by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

According to Clemente de Lucia, an economist for the BNP Paribas group banking group, the negative spiral started at the end of May after “the publication of the first half economic results” which “highlighted the very weak growth of Italy”. “The financial markets then put the country on negative watch, ” he says. Since then, a climate of uncertainty hangs around the third economy of the eurozone, fed by various ingredients:

The growth. Traditionally sluggish in Italy, “it has always been below the eurozone average, ” notes Clemente de Lucia. “It evolves between 1 and 1.5%, without real prospects for recovery,” says economist Jean-François James, who teaches at Sciences Po. In the case, a global economy little innovative, not very dynamic, and which suffers from times of a lack of competitiveness – expensive services, monopolies – and productivity. These weaknesses have not been resolved under the government of Silvio Berlusconi, according to the British magazine The Economist, since the head of government has “never remedied, nor even recognized” the various defects that undermine his country, as the decline in GDP per capita, unemployment among young people and women in explosion, environmental degradation or a brain drain that continues.

Political instability. It is also a factor that plunges the markets into a feeling of deleterious uncertainty. Beyond scandals of morals, Silvio Berlusconi has been weakened by political defeats, such as the losses of the cities of Milan and Naples or the defeat of his side in a referendum on nuclear.


To these national elements is added a context of “international crisis of the loan” , according to the expression of Jean-François Jamet, which widens the gaps between the so-called “virtuous” countries , like Germany, where take refuge the investors and where interest rates remain at a very low level, and the more volatile countries, which are seeing their rates go beyond the limits of the bearable. Between the two, a gray area, where you can switch at any time from one side to the other, explains the economist. Here stands Italy, in precarious balance.

Clemente de Lucia regrets that the nervousness of the financial markets, fueled by the Greek and US debt crises, exacerbated by the fear of contagion to the most fragile countries, prevents investors from looking more deeply into the economic health of the economy. Italy even pushes them to exaggerate its faults. The level of debt, while high, is still “sustainable” unlike that of Greece, because interest rates remain, for the moment, low enough to allow a gradual repayment and without outside help. In addition, the Italian banking system, conservative and not very speculative, was less affected than others by the financial crisis.


The Italian economic balance still counts positive elements. Its primary budget balance – the difference between government revenues and expenditures, not counting the payment of a debt – is positive, says James. The Italian economy has already shown resilience: after recovering from a serious financial crisis in 1992, it has better surmounted than other European neighbors the crisis of 2008. Its deficit has even fallen from 5.3 Between 4.5% and 4.5% between 2009 and 2010. The social partners have also shown a strong desire to boost growth, as shown by the singular appeal of employers and unions to a “pact for growth”.

By opting for austerity, the Italian government has had the merit of not wasting time. The austerity plan of July 15 was voted in just three days. With objectives such as payday loan consolidation and a near-balanced budget in 2014, Italy has not stopped the mistrust of markets but may have avoided a “panic” more serious, notes Jean-François Jamet.
Finally, the July 21 euro-zone summit led to the possibility for the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) to buy back government debt on the secondary market (a second-hand market where creditors resell acquired securities). Until now, only the ECB had the right. However, it had had to suspend this device, which puts the bank in close contact with the sovereign interests and thus presents a risk for its independence. In the meantime, it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the school year at least for the change of status of the EFSF to be ratified by the parliaments. Too long, obviously, for this measure to be taken into account today by the markets, which are navigating at an even faster pace.


If it fails to act quickly, what is the risk of Italy? The worst-case scenario would be an escalation in interest rates on its loans, to the point where it is in default, ie unable to repay its debt. A threat that can not be ruled out, when one thinks of the “self-fulfilling” power of the financial investors’ forecasts: the more the latter lose confidence, the more they sell their securities for fear of never being reimbursed, the higher the interest rates increase, and with them the debt. A question of “market psychology” more than real economic problems, considers Mr. Jamet.

Admittedly, Brussels announced that a bailout for Italy was not under discussion. However, in view of this outcome, it will be much more difficult to retrieve the boot than Greece, or even Portugal and Ireland. Because the peninsula “alone weighs more than twice as much as these three countries saved to date,” says AFP. For Mr de Lucia, the EFSF will not be enough to support Italy, unless it is bailed out. A perspective to which Germany opposes. As for the European states, they would not be able to raise the necessary amounts without having recourse to the financial markets, adds Jean-François Jamet. The crisis would, therefore, take on an even greater scale. To the point that, for the Italian daily La Stampa, the fall of Italy would inevitably lead to the fall of the euro (article translated in the International Mail ).

M Is Perfect For Marketing Strategy


With the production of ninety-day payday advance, is actually also easy for you personally to avail quick cash that ranges from $100 to $1500 with easy repayment use of 14-31 the days. This loan is also having versatile payment formula. After you have acquired instant funds via such loan, it is achieved unexpected fiscal worries that include medical bills, telephone bills, home renovation, credit card dues, wedding expenses as well utilities.

Small business owners often find it hard to compete in the advertising industry against their more substantial table parts because small businesses have got a smaller advertising budget. One way they will compete, is by creating virus-like videos that we see online and Vimeo and all on the web. Videos can be produced on your own, with your own equipment, for instance, an iPhone, cell phone camera, turn cam, or any other low-cost equipment solution. Viewers are probably not expecting a professionally-designed movie with super-high quality. The particular are, instead, expecting something will entertain them plus touch them in some way. Therefore video offers an excellent chance for small business owners to market their enterprise without spending a fortune.

Now, you want to start a “written” list of the software business ideas for beginners a person research. Why does it need to be a “written” list? 2 reasons; if you don’t write this down you will continue to look at a specific idea over and over again instead of open your mind to brand new ideas. And the second cause is that your computer is a great storage space and processing technological question, however, there is something regarding writing a thought straight down which allows your subconscious thoughts to become involved in your assessment process. I’m not going to enter into the metaphysics of the procedure, it works, please write down your opinions.

So, all this marketing intelligence comes from two blog posts which are perhaps worth more collectively than they are separate. Do Seth and Aaron choose coffee recently? Did Philip make a secret phone call in order to Seth before he published? Did they talk about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and personal branding and how they are going to merge by way of social media? We wonder. The fact that a logos evangelist sees the eye in order to eye with an SEO evangelist is thought-provoking to put it lightly.

To get out there ahead of the curve, try and get involved on a big news occasion or story early on. Turn into a news item. Be a front-runner on the story and you have an increased chance of coming up on Google when folks search for that topic. After that, you can be a new product that people want to share. Only by getting attached to an information item, marketing tips for small business owners can enhance their chances of taking their movies viral.

It is just way too huge not to. This possibly has got the most potential of all new trending business ideas for beginners in terms of near zero access cost, almost no infrastructure as well as the amount of money that can generate. No time before has there been the marketing option with practically unlimited potential, which can be set up & run from the dining table.

Really commonly, you will find yourself to have the ability to troubleshoot different problems related to your electric appliances. Apart from electronics, if you are able to perform different handyman tasks by yourself, you can open up a restoration service. Tasks like domestic plumbing, troubleshooting appliances, garage restoration, etc . can earn you cash out of your hobby. All you have to perform is spend a little cash on creating an advertisement and make copies from it. Stick it around your city and advertise your solutions.

I don’t generally advocate sexy marketing. In fact, public relations is a pretty staid marketing and advertising tactic, even online. Yet using PR to leveraging your search visibility? Now which hot.

Purchasing Stocks Online Is Easy


The solution is easy. MONEY. Getting it may be the hard part. For many; likely to a bank for functioning capital is the natural option. The key benefit of banks is they offer the best rates in comparison with other forms of financing. The issue with bank loans is that for several, getting qualified for a financial loan can be difficult if not impossible. An additional problem is that it may be days or even months before you get financed. By that time it could be passed too far merchant cash advance.

Think about you are trying to do vehicle repairs, and the only device you have is a hammer. Certain, you’ll be able to get some jobs performed, but they won’t be done correctly and you’ll most likely break another thing in the process. Trading stocks online are similar to that. There are many ways to industry, but only some of them actually work. Sometimes, investors finish up losing money because they didn’t take time to find the proper investment technique or tool. Here are some tips which will help you to trade successfully.

But if you do have the additional funds, now is the best time in order to how to buy stocks and bonds without a broker. Why? Because these are usually reasonably cheaper and you can make money when the economy is back on course.

Never! Not a single contact, Nada! Her $600, 1000 account subsidized unsubsidized loan dropped in worth to well below $300, 000. Her income will be down, not 50%, yet more like 70 or 80 percent — because in addition to the associated with the stocks dropping, the particular dividends on most of these similarities between stocks and bonds were cut if not removed altogether.

The particular Federal Reserve increased the eye rate banks charge one another for the first time in four yrs. Sure, the modest raise from 1% to 1. 25% may not seem like much, however, it signals a significant shift in the Federal Reserve’s handling plus the perception of the U. T. economy.

Now assume you offered everything and put the entire balance in cash. First of all, We are not asking you sell almost everything just look at how a brand new plan would look. Let’s imagine you have $500, 000 in most your retirement accounts. In case all that money was on the money: How would you allocate the cash? What percentage would get into stock mutual funds? Exactly what percentage would go into the difference between stocks and bonds and mutual funds? Should you look at adding any kind of annuities for protection?

How much did putting in stocks a couple in years past? Take a look at your percentages, not necessarily the amount. This payday loans online instant approval no credit checks is where asset shift comes into play.

These are all excellent investing techniques for you to purchase stocks and shares on the web. You’re on the web share broker will assist you to go along with any concerns that you simply might have and they are going to assist you to for anybody who is having difficulty. You can also determine to see which order kind you want to utilize. Most day time traders prefer limit purchases but some nonetheless use market orders. Ensure which you are usually employing your online trading system to send your stock purchases simply because this really is the quickest approach to send them. You are able to also see which stocks and shares are working from your stock chart and trade them with your trading techniques.

How Can The Durbin Change Affect Your Payment Processing?


They are great as much as convenience goes, many banks are starting t the regular 9: 00 AM- 5: 00 PM or even somewhere around there, together with closed for federal government holidays. On weekends, they are either shut altogether or have minimal hours. Credit and debit cards offer you access to funds in case of where you would not have the ability to go to be able to bank and make a new withdrawal- funds into you bank account online.

A money enhances provider works tightly with all the business owner to determine a service provider personal loan amount and purchase schedule that does not set excessive burden around the business owner. The accomplishments of your business with the best attention involving everybody.

The reason why this particular transaction is better and for that reason cost effective. Look at a conventional Visa MasterCard deal that is swiped with the credit card terminal. Of which transactions goes to Australian visa MasterCard also called the particular association or interchange an authorization quantity is generated and even receipt is fixed. The way debt performs instead of going to Visa for Australia MasterCard that deal travels directly to the particular debit network, get a debit card right now and appear at the networks around the back of the card- It may say interlink, as well as, cirrus etc. A new helpful way of figuring out a debit card it will point out check card omenology loans or even debit card for the from along with the visa for Australia, montgomeryshire loans MasterCard logo.

Even if you are capable of add pages with the CMS, a website owner can help you improve effectiveness, or add merchant processing loans or more complex capabilities. for example, to find a probable webmaster for Blogger, search “WordPress websites” and your location.

Thus let’s say the arrangement calls for you to onward 18% of your amounts until the merchant advance loans service provider has received all 20 dollars, 000 (*please be aware, the actual percentage may differ, but it is always plainly established in the phrases of a deal).

Also then, it will cost you lots of money in the process to get not really half the features which a merchant account has. Within the scheme of factors, doing things yourself when there is an easier alternative, is not a good idea. Just simply stick to a hassle-free merchant account for your construction needs. To find the easiest option for you, make sure to check the reviews on the net credit card processing loans information on the world wide web-

Obviously, I actually only made that can mistake episioplasty loans once. Sad to say, a lot of us don’t review your loan document thoroughly in our bank card utilization agreements. We additionally do not review the charge card statements to be able to even understand whenever something like that is going on.